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Image By: Alexandre Cardoso“Do what you, what you, want,” chants Amy Lee as she strides back onto a UK stage for the first time, after an absence which feels far too long. It's a gig any alternative rock fan will want to check out – Evanescence have been well-known since the chart-topping Bring Me to Life from 2003, and they're still relevant nine years later with their recent album – the imaginatively-entitled Evanescence.
Slick, sophisticated and downright rocky, the performance is focused largely on the new material. What You Want serves as a great energetic introduction to get the audience going, while great catchy ballads Made of Stone and My Heart is Broken are also welcome. The grand piano is wheeled onto the stage for Lost in Paradise, which Lee performs with passion and elegance. A few favourites from previous albums also resurface, including The Open Door (2006) favourite Call Me When You're Sober and from Fallen (2003) catchy ballad Imaginary.
Although Lee hasn't lost her incredible vocals, nor her stage presence and energy, it was a tad disappointing that the headline act were only on for an hour, which looks pathetic next to their mammoth Anywhere but Home tour. Further disappointment came in that someone had clearly forgotten to pick Paul McCoy up from the airport, and so the male vocals were absent from Bring Me to Life. The audience didn't mind too much though – they even graciously filled in the missing words themselves.
The headliners were supported by Taylor Momson-led rock band The Pretty Reckless, who provided a fantastic contrast to their dark sound with a more up-beat approach to rock. Make Me Wanna Die and Zombie were great additions to their set, with Momson's characteristically growly vocals soaring through the auditorium.
Highlight of the evening – you're not a rock fan until you've sung My Immortal with Amy Lee, a grand piano, and 5,000 other Evanescence fans in the same building. Utter bliss.

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